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Why join Homebase?!

Homebase Global is all about building an amazing community of like-minded people in a productive setting. Arrive in a new city and make it feel like home instantly - get into your optimal routine and be part of a connected tribe from the very first day. Share your skills and learn from others during our workshops and mastermind sessions, and - equally importantly - have loads of fun together during our afterwork activities.


Business first

We know you have a job to do and that this isn’t a holiday for you. So we have created an environment and program that helps you get your work done and stay productive. While, also allowing you to meet and make new connections with like-minded entrepreneurs. That way we can make sure we have an amazing time while living location independent in some of the most beautiful places on this planet.


Settled from day one

Settling in a new city can be hard and very lonely sometimes. Arriving in a new city can feel a little overwhelming, you need to try find a new group of friends, places to work and be productive and still find time to keep fit and healthy. It’s exhausting and let’s be honest sometimes we’re a little glad our visa has run out. With Homebase Global we take care of all these challenges from day one. You’ll be surrounded by an amazing group you can connect with and we’ll be your personal guide to all the best spots in town.


Flexibility and choice

Most of our program will take place after work, or in the morning for a couple hours so it doesn’t interfere with your work schedule. The best part is you get to pick and choose the parts of the program that interest you the most and fit your schedule the best.


More people = more value

With a large group of remote workers joining Homebase Global you sure to find new business partners, friends and gym buddies. Most remote programs have a very limited number of participants dictated by how many people they can fit into the accomodation they find. Homebase Global is different because our focus is different. Our mission is to bring together a large group of people and create an incredible program. So you can learn and share with a diverse community while having the time of your life.


Goodbye loneliness

Being a digital nomad or entrepreneur means going it alone a lot of the time, but just because you’ve been brave enough to take the risk on a better, more fulfilling life, doesn’t mean you should have to enjoy this beautiful world alone. Being part of Homebase Global with 100+ remote worker puts an end to lonely selfies and introduces you to your new squad #squadgoals


Experiences of a Lifetime

Picture this. A boat trip with 80 of your closest friends, watching the sunset over drinks and incredible conversation. Dancing the afternoon away without a care in the world. This could be your reality really soon. We know how to create exceptional experiences. We did all our learning with Nomad Cruise, now we plan to bring that epicness to Homebase Global. Get ready to up your daily dose of happiness as we spend days together that are sure to feature on your life’s highlight reel.

What are you waiting for?


Make real connections

Ever felt that bone tired feeling after conferencing and networking for 3 days. You met so many people but you can’t remember who’s who and you generally don’t manage to maintain those new connections. It’s the typical ‘too many people, too little time’ scenario. At Homebase Global you won’t suffer from networking fatigue. You’ll have time to really get to know people and make real connections that will turn into great business opportunities


More than a conference

This is not a just a weekend conference or a 2-week program. This is your new home! Yes, there will be an incredible professional growth program but that’s not all.  You can also look forward to doing those things you never get to do (regularly) while traveling, like going to the gym or hosting a dinner party and games night in your very own home.


Adventure Awaits

We promise that in years to come you will look back at Homebase Global and remember it as an experience that changed your life. You may even be sitting with friends you met during that adventure, having a drink, exchanging stories that all begin with the line “Remember that time when…”


Speaking of friends

Time and mutual experience are the perfect ingredients for making long-lasting friendships and that’s what Homebase Global is all about. We offer you an opportunity to spend valuable time with your new community sharing ideas and experiences that will build real, authentic, forever connections.


We know how to build communities

We’ve got 6 cruises under our belts and if you’ve been on one you’ll know that joining a Nomad Cruise changes your life, you make new friendships that last, like forever. And that’s in just 14 days. Imagine what it’ll be like after 30 days (or more). We also understand what remote workers need to get the best out of an experience, whether it’s learning something new or just plain getting down to the business of business. Networking and events are in our blood!


Your new neighbourhood

Wherever you settle with Homebase Global, you’ll immediately feel like you’re home. Not only, will we point out the best places to eat,  shop, grab a great coffee and work, all the entrepreneurs and remote workers that are part of the Homebase program will be living in the same neighbourhood as you. So you’re guaranteed to run into each other on a quick lunch run or at your morning gym sesh.

You won’t regret it:


Our killer program

Our awesome program will include a combination of skill sharing sessions, keynotes by local entrepreneurs, masterminds, language courses, boat trips, hikes, volunteer days, after-work parties and so much more. You will be flooded with the feel-goods as you get to experience more than you ever have before when settling in a new place.


Take your time

Homebase Global programs will run for more than 2 weeks at a time, which will allow you to feel more settled, make deeper and more authentic connections and really dig deep into finding a solution to those wicked challenges your business is facing. Our gift to you is time and the permission to slow down. Get the most out of your Homebase Global experience and stop feeling like you’re always in a rush.


Just starting out

Homebase is not just for established nomads and entrepreneurs. If you’re new to working remotely and don’t know where to start, the answer is simple. Start right here! Homebase Global will help you transition into your new life in a way that promises that you will never feel alone or overwhelmed because a fellow nomad will just be a few doors down from you.

Stay in style:


Flexible accommodation

When it comes to accommodation we know all too well that a one-size-fits-all policy doesn’t work for our community. Whether you like to roll solo or you’re a social butterfly that loves to be around other humans 24/7, there is a Homebase Global package for you. You can find your own apartment or you can share with other basers. Homebase Global is all about adding value and creating incredible experiences, that’s why we have a few package options when it comes to your Homebase global adventure. We’re not afraid to say it! We have more to choose from than any other remote work program.


Stay as long as you like

We’re not really sure why most workations move on after a month. As entrepreneurs and remote workers, we really like to experience a place to the full so we like to take our time, spend a couple months in a place, learn the language. With Homebase Global even after the scheduled events and our month-long program is over you can stay on for as long as you like. Why move on if you love it?


New places you’ve never been to before

Going forward, Homebase is going to go really global and we’re going to set up in places that aren’t the regular places we all visit. We want broaden our collective horizons. Imagine touching down on every continent on Earth and calling every country  you visit home. This could be your new reality.

Interested? Let’s meet in our new Homebase then: