Are you ready to host an event at Homebase Global?
It’s showtime!

We are proud that our program is 100% based on the contributions made by our participants. Sharing is caring!
What are you sharing with us?

Speaking on stage in Barcelona is a great way to showcase your talent to other members of our amazing online-entrepreneur community. You can share your expertise and skills with others – others who are all potential future business partners. Having a speaking gig also improves your public speaking skills, gives you exposure and will inspire lots of our participants. This is your time to shine!

The skill sharing community

Our community is based on openness and sharing knowledge. Before you apply please make sure you agree with the followings:

  • Giving a talk or workshop is voluntarily, and there aren’t any kind of compensation in return.
  • You should be on stage to kindheartedly share your wisdom with fellow nomads, and not to sell your product or service. No sales pitches, please:)
  • You can only apply, if you already booked your spot to the event, so that we know we can count on you 100%.
  • Also…we are working hard to get ready with the schedule ASAP, so please please please don’t cancel your performance once you get confirmed.

What kind of speeches are we looking for?

The Talks: 60 minutes, 80-100 people


Talks are for the whole community, about a topic that will be valuable to all of us. This means motivational speeches, general business thoughts, personal development perks and so on.

The Workshops: 90 minutes, 10-30 people


Workshops are a great tool to teach something interesting to your audience. Here you work together with your crowd, get them involved, and practice the skills on the spot. 

The Specials: 90 minutes, 30-50 people


Do you know something that can involve a lot of people? Are you a meditation guru or a pro photographer? Bring it on and apply for specials if you have relevant experience.

Submit your proposal


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