Below, we’ve listed the most common questions about Homebase Global including everything from the booking process and the cost of the event to the refund policy and more, giving you all the information you need about participating in Homebase Global and what to expect at the event.

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About Homebase Global

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Our main focus is to organize an incredible networking experience for you, while at the same time keeping you productive. Flexibility and a good work-play balance will be key features during your stay with us. We’ll help you boost your business while making you experience your new Homebase like never before.

We’re all travelers, we have that in common. This time we don’t want to just drop by a city. We want to feel like locals! We’ll introduce you to the city and provide you with everything you need to know to make it feel like home. We’re not a remote-work-program that just ends after 2 weeks. We give you an introduction to your next Homebase and you can choose however long you’d like to stay.

Home means a lot more than the apartment you’re staying at and a city that you know your way around in. It means being part of a great community and the feeling of belonging. The activities and networking events we’re planning in Barcelona will give you just that! And since all participants arrive at the same time, you’ll have friends to explore the city with from the very first day.

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Homebase Global is designed for open-minded remote workers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Pros who travel and work from anywhere, as well as beginners who are just getting started with the lifestyle, and have the desire to stay productive and feel like a local in a new place from day one. People, who want to belong to a community where members can learn from each other and share amazing experiences together.

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”DO YOU RECOMMEND HOMEBASE FOR REMOTE TEAMS?”]

Absolutely! Homebase is the perfect way to get in touch and connect with other nomads and remote workers. If you would like to bring more than 5 of your team members, we’re happy to offer a discount. Simply get in touch with us at

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Yes, your partner, business partner or family members are more than welcome to join and share this unique experience with you. 

Please note, that your partner or adult family member needs to pay the full price to participate in our program as they’ll be full members of our community. Kids below 12 years old can join for free, and we offer €150 discount for children between 12-18. Send us an e-mail to if you would like to bring your kids along, and we’ll book their tickets.

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Unfortunately we don’t organize a dedicated program for children, but many of our events will be kid-friendly so they’ll be more than welcome to join in.

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”WHAT TRAVEL DATES DO YOU RECOMMEND?”]

We’ll start with the first networking events a few days prior to the official kick-off of our events. That’s why we’d recommend you arrive in Barcelona already at the end of October. Your departure date is totally up to you. Our goal with this event is to make you feel like a local in the city so that you’ll want to stay forever…or at least until your visa runs out 🙂


Booking & Tickets

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Simply head to our Book Now page, pick the package of your choice by clicking the Book Now button, fill out our form and pay to confirm your booking.

Soon after that you’ll receive your invoice and you’re all set for your journey towards personal growth, optimized productivity, meaningful connections and a new Homebase.

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”DO YOU OFFER SPECIAL MEDIA PASSES?”]

Yes! If you’re a journalist  interested in getting a media pass, please reach out to us and send your inquiry to We will get back to you soon!

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”IS THE TICKET TAX DEDUCTIBLE?”]

Yes, as your invoice will include a business program. The tax deduction amount depends on your country and tax advisor.

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”HOW DO I PAY FOR THE TICKET?”]

When you choose a Basic or a Work package, we’ll ask you to pay the full price while making your booking. For the Work & Live package, you’ll only need to pay 20% of the ticket price when you book, and transfer the rest of the amount to our bank account 60 days, at the latest, before the event starts.

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THE TICKET PRICE?”]

The following is included in our basic package:

  • Orientation weekend – Arrive in Barcelona smoothly and instantly feel like a local.
  • Homebase City Guide – Get to know your new homebase inside and out.
  • Talks, masterminds, a skill sharing weekend with workshops –  Achieve personal and professional growth and boost your business.
  • Social and networking events, parties – Deepen your new connections. And have fun:)
  • Special events –  Share experiences that you’ll just never forget.
  • Special deals – Stay fit and visit the gym or yoga classes for discounted prices.
  • Global community – Never feel lonely, not even long after our event is over.

We also offer a package including our very own coworking space to ensure maximum productivity and/or accommodation, saving you the hassle of finding it on your own.

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”WHAT’S NOT INCLUDED IN THE TICKET PRICE?”]

Travel costs, food, visa fees and insurance are not included in the ticket price. As well as some of the special events and activities, like sailing trips, dance lessons, language classes, etc. These will be covered individually as the price will depend on the number of participants.

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”DO YOU HAVE A REFUND POLICY?”]

Unfortunately we can’t refund the ticket price. If your plans change and you can’t join us for any reason, you may resell your ticket to someone who is also interested in our program.


Program & Activities

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Homebase Global is all about community. The saying “the more you share the more you have” couldn’t be more true here, that’s why all participants can and should contribute to the program to get the best out of it. We’ll set-up the framework for you – provide venues, tools, facilitation – and then the rest is up to you! It really doesn’t matter whether you want to organize a workshop, a beach volleyball afternoon or a hike in the mountains – the important thing is to share knowledge and experiences, and to inspire each other.

If you would like to contribute, please fill out our speaker form here. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

If you’re a bit insecure about the ifs and hows, get in touch with us (


[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”HOW WILL HOMEBASE GLOBAL BE STRUCTURED? WILL I HAVE FREE TIME?”]

Absolutely. Being productive, focusing on your business and taking it to the next level is an essential part of Homebase Global. This is why we’ll let you get things done during the day, and only organize programs in the morning or evening hours, and on the weekends. We’ve also got you covered if you have more free time on your hands: we’ll recommend many activities outside of the official program, so that you can enjoy all that Barcelona and its surroundings have to offer – to the fullest.

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”WHAT KIND OF ACTIVITIES DO YOU PLAN TO ORGANIZE?”]

If you decide to join Homebase Global event, one thing is for sure: you won’t be a moment’s boredom! We’ll organize professional programs like talks, masterminds and skill sharing events to help you accelerate your business. We’ll get together for social events regularly so you will be a part of a community of like-minded people from the very first moment. We’ll also arrange free and paid activities outside of the working hours so that you can connect with your new friends on a whole new level and experience the city like you should. And if you still can’t get enough of your homebase, we’ll share some hints and tips for other cool things to do during your stay.


Accommodation & Others

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The “Live” package is our only offer that includes accommodation. For more details on that, please jump to the next question.

The packages “Basic” and “Work” do not include accommodation. Nevertheless, we’ll recommend specific neighborhoods to stay in. We strongly encourage you to search for a place to stay in these areas. That way, we’ll all be close to each other. This makes community-building and organisation of events and activities a lot easier. And why wouldn’t you want to stay in the hippest areas anyway? 😉

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”WHAT TYPE OF ACCOMMODATION DO YOU OFFER WITH THE LIVE PACKAGE?”]

Having a nice and comfy place to stay at is an essential part of feeling at home. This is why we only offer top notch, beautifully furnished apartments with 3-5 bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a workplace and good wifi. Our apartments are located in the heart of Gracia, so all the action will be within easy walking distance. You’ll never miss a thing if you decide to stay with us!

We offer single rooms, shared rooms with double beds for couples, and shared rooms with separate beds for friends – all with shared bathrooms. So who are you coming with?

You can see some examples of the apartments you can choose from here.


Sure thing! Once you booked your Barcelona Homebase, you can either make a suggestion of who you would like to share your room with or we will choose another lovely participant of the same sex and similar age for you. Not only will you share the costs, but also bond on another level.

When you share your room with a friend or with another participant, we will provide you with two separate beds.

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”WHAT CLOTHES SHALL I BRING?”]

The average daytime temperatures in November are around 17°C whereas the average minimum temperatures can drop down to 8°C. Make sure you bring several layers so that you’re ready to adapt to any weather condition and are prepared for an evening drink at one of the buzzing squares of the city. Also pack an umbrella and a pair of waterproof shoes so that the occasional rain or drizzle doesn’t stop you from going out.

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”HOW CAN I CONTACT YOU?”]

Got any questions or ideas you want to share with us? Send us an email to! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Can’t find what you’re looking for?

No worries, we’re here for you. Please send a message to our customer service at – our colleagues will answer any questions you might have.

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